August 28, 2016

Summer 2016

What a fun summer it's been!
I can hardly believe it's over already.
There were lots of late night swims in the lake, pool days, and ice cream runs.
These two make life SO MUCH FUN.
Elle started school last week and we're so very thankful that she LOVED it!
And Beckham is - as usual- Daddy's biggest fan and greatest helper.
(He could play on the tractor and dig for hours on end.)

Our tiny dancer!

So so proud of her first day of school dress and new shoes!

I'm bribing them with this picture one day :) 
They truly are the best of friends!

Hard at work helping Michael with the irrigation system install.

Beckham's personality is starting to blossom more and more. 
He's so very focused and SUCH a hard worker. 
Just like his Dadddy.

Elle loves to play teacher. 
Beckham doesn't always relish the role of student, however.

I adore this little face peeping through the stairs each morning.
Her bright and bubbly countenance makes every day a delight.

Toddler top-knots!

We feel so blessed to finally be settling into the new house. 
What a ride it's been. 
But, goodness gracious - we are just SO thankful!


April 28, 2016

Happy {Very Belated} Birthday Baby Beckham!

I can hardly believe this was a year ago!
And what a year it's been....
A new baby, a renovation, a move, and a few growing pains; but on the other side of it, I wouldn't change a thing. 
God has refined us and grown our family in ways we could have never imagined. 
But the best part of this whole year has been falling in love with our little boy!

Baby Beckham, you certainly haven't gotten the spotlight like Elle did in her first year. 
Though there are less pictures and less blog posts; you don't seem to mind one bit, sweet boy.

I feel like I've known this face forever; and yet it's only been 12 months. 

 I see so much of your Pops in you!
And what a wonderful man to strive to become. 
Strong, loyal, brave, and so very loving.  I pray all of those things for you.
And you share your Daddy's immense joy for life. 
You are quick to smile and the simplest things make you belly laugh.
(peek-a-boo and "a-choo's" are your favorites right now)

There is so MUCH to love about you, little one. 
I could write a book.
But just for today; I'm going to marvel at how one little boy could bring such joy to our house.

Elle is your hero and she loves you fiercely. 
(sometimes a little too fiercely)
But we all feel blessed that we can call you ours.

Perhaps your very favorite thing in the whole world is the tractor. 
You want to be just like your Daddy so badly.

Your joy is contagious and you steal the hearts of everyone who meets you.

You are so deeply loved and treasured, little buddy!
I can't wait to see all that God has planned for you in this life.
It's an honor to be your "Mama"

February 14, 2016

Bathing Beckham

Sweet little B loves LOVES the water!  Bath time is, without a doubt, his favorite time! 
Today we put Elle and Beckham in the BIG bath tub and they were THRILLED!

 While Elle plays with her toys, Beckham giggles and splashes and gets as wet and loud as possible!

These two are already best buddies and I couldn't be more grateful that they call me mom.
Happy Valentines from the Knotts crew!

Michael, Em, Elle & Beckham

BVI 2016 Memories

Sweet, sweet memories of sandy toes, sun kissed faces, full tummies and happy hearts!
Thanks, BVI for making them island babies:

BVI.  2016.

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